Thursday, January 10, 2008

Daughter Socks

Made with Patonyle that was a gift from Carol, from a pattern in the Patonyle Accessories book. These were so quick to make - less than 50g!

Son Socks

Made using scraps of some vintage Patonyle gifted by Carol, and some left over black Patonyle. Pattern from the trusty Patonyle Accessories book. Verdict - he loves 'em! :)

Retro Ribs

Retro Ribs from Favorite Socks. Did not carry the rib down the foot as it was toooo monotonous for me. Like stocking stitch isn't! Verdict - he loves 'em.

Smooth Monkeys

For me, straight up Monkey pattern omitting the purls. Trekking XXL. Verdict? Love em.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sparkly Hat

Purl insisted that I make her this hat. Unfortunately, I know she will never wear it. Never mind. Made with some discounted sparkly plastic yarn from Spotlight that I bought a shipload of. I think I will make another Montego Bay scarf with the rest.

Montego Bay Scarf

Naturally Bamboo yarn. This was intended to be a gift, but I figured that I liked it a lot and the possible recipient might not understand how much work went into it, so I kept it! Ha!

Socks for Robyn

Made for Dad's wife. Standard favourite Patonyle pattern with shaping in the back. OnLine yarn. These were very much appreciated by the recipient!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Embossed Leaves

Sockapalooza 4 socks. I loved knitting these! Merino Cashmere from The Knittery again, this time in Strawberry.

Jumper/Hat for the Teeny Guy

Very quick knits made with Sirdar Snuggly. First time round the neck was too tight, I had to redo it with a sewn cast off.

Opal Socks for the Spunk

One toe up, one top down, fraternal socks with afterthought heel and black toe/heel with Patonyle. The Spunk loves 'em!

Mexicana Socks

Heirloom Jigsaw yarn. One toe up, one top down. Fraternal stocking stitch socks with afterthought heel.


Knitted with The Knittery Merino Cashmere in Amethyst. These took ages to get done!

Monkey Socks

Love 'em. Yarn from Yarn Ahoy - etsy

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Diagonal Cross Ribs

Made from STR Fairgrounds Lightweight, from the Favourite Socks Interweave book. A surprisingly quick knit.

Tiny Madam Cardigan

This picture is awful. The cardigan is not. Made with Jo Sharp cotton in a Rose colour from a Pipsqueaks pattern.

SIL socks

Knitted for my Sister in Law, a new mother. Pattern from Patonyle Accessories, yarn from The Knittery.

RPM Socks

My first, and possibly only, socks knitted with two circular needles. I used Merino Cashmere from The Knittery, and 2.5mm Addi Turbos, also from The Knittery. They took me a very very long time to knit and I did not particularly enjoy the technique. They feel good on my feet though!

Skinny Inca Scarf

1x1 rib. 2 1/2 balls Inca. Nice!

Sliver Scarf/Belt

The idea was that I would have a silver scarf to wear out - more for show than for warmth. I was inpsired by Maggie on The Office who has a different scarf for every occasion. Unfortunately it is far too scratchy to put near my skin and I found a commercial version for $9.95! I have worn it twice as a belt. It is a simple drop stitch design.

Super Spunk Socks

Knitted with Patonyle Sock yarn, with no pattern - just a mishmash of other socks I have knitted. For the Super Spunk.

pink fizzy scarf

I made this scarf with Studio Mohair yarn that I won in a competition that Sue was running. It is a very simple pattern, there is a link here.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Purple and Green! socks

Patonyle pattern, yarn from Katt. Lovely!

MIL1 Tea Cosy

Knitted in a night, on a whim. She loved it!


Pomotamus from Knitty. They are divine! Knitted with yarn from The Knittery, 100% merino. I am a bit scared to wear them, they took a long time and they have holes in them which could get snagged on things!

I can't say no socks

Knitted for a friend of a friend of mine, because I can't say no! She bought the Opal, what was I to do? She has since knitted another pair for herself, so at least some good came out of it!

Elspiral Socks

So called because I used hand dyed Elvira yarn from Katt and spiralled a yarn over - every four rows I just moved the yarn over over! Then, I did it the other way around on the other sock, so they match. I actually made lots of mistakes with these socks, but you can't tell. Lovely. Soft and warm!

Fon Sox

Made for the Tiny Madam with some leftover merino sock yarn that I won. They were not meant to be toeless, for fons as she calls them (thongs/flip flops), but she tried them on and for size and wanted no toes. Who am I to deny the wishes of a Princess?

Mother in Law Socks 2

Made for my other Mother in Law, my husband's step mother. Patonyle sock yarn, Patonyle pattern. Go Patonyle! She loved them. I thought they were ok.

Pregnant Friend Socks

Made for my pregnant friend (duh) using Opal and Patonyle pattern again, but slightly longer this time. She loved them. I was not so sure.

This is how I package my gifted socks!

Mother in Law Socks 1

Made for my husband's mother, using yarn from The Knittery. Pattern from my Patonlye Accessories book. She loved them, and so did I!

Friday, November 10, 2006

diagonal short row scarf

I knitted this using Patons Jet and this pattern. Mother fell in love with it, and ended up owning it! It is divine and I love it.


opal socks with stripes

My first toe up wrapped heel socks that I made with a hybrid pattern. I loved making them this way. I could make them as long as I wanted. I had a bit of trouble with the top being too tight, but I pulled it back and did it very l o o s e ! Tada, excellent socks.


stripey sox

Expertly modelled by the Tiny Madam, calf length socks from Patonyle Accessory book. Knitted with Regia that I bought from ebay. I like them.


Saturday, June 03, 2006


The celebrated clapotis, finally knitted by me. I could be the only person on earth who has not knitted this before now. It is huge and shiny and I love it. I can't wait to go somewhere so I can wear it. I don't feel very French though. Six balls of Zhivago colour 4469. I knitted this in about four days, but they have been a rough four days. My wrists are killing me.


curly whirly scarf

This scarf was really simple but quite tedious. I cast on about 200 stitches and knitted a couple of rows, then increased into every stitch and knitted a couple of rows, then repeated it again, and then cast off. I like it very much but it is a bit scratchy. It looks cool with my denim jacket and I received many compliments.



This was a very quick knit with just about 50g of black Cleckheaton country. I will wear it . . . one day. Curse my loose knitting. I finished it in about three hours.